Suzy Hogg : Interactive Art Director

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BBC at Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury sits at the heart of the UK festival calendar and is considered to be the world’s greatest festival. Not only are there career defining performances from the big names, as well as breakthrough performances from new acts, but the creatively chaotic atmosphere of the festival reflects a uniquely alternative British eccentricity.

The BBC is Glastonbury's broadcast partner, and as such, the purpose of the website, mobile site and red button offer is to be a playful and impactful platform to showcase the live coverage and a unique portfolio of performance video and photos.

I have been the design lead on Glastonbury a few times now, it's been interesting to watch how the offer has developed as new technology emerges. For 2010, reflecting liveness and social interaction was key. We developed a live multi-streaming capability and engaged with twitters, radio audiences and facebook groups to reflect the audience’s sense of the festival, both past and present, as 2010 was also Glastobury's 40th anniversary.

We also used the BBC’s new global experience language for the first time, a marked improvement on guidelines we have been bound to in the past, providing an impressive televisual impact.

My role, the design brief, commissioning and agency selection, art direction and mentoring more junior staff transitioning from hands-on design to art direction and design management. Thanks to James and Noel for being completely brilliant.

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