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BBC Radio Networks Digital Design Strategy

Working with Radio 3 first, helping them to understand service design and the benefits of the approach, I initiated a pilot and subsequent roll-out of an audience-led strategy for the digital services of the BBC Radio Networks.

The process we designed for this work is based on a classic innovation or concept generation process, inspired by real users in real environments. Rather than ending with an idea to put into production, the process results in a set of tools for teams to use, which enable network teams to generate, evaluate, map and articulate viable ideas for their digital services, for the next 3 to 5 years. Radio 3 now have a clear view of their future selves and how they need to behave as a consequence.

BBC Radio 3 Digital Services Strategy Toolkit

I persuaded Radio 2 to take up the challenge next. Using the same approach to address slightly different questions for a completely different network and digital proposition, the tools and outputs are simplified and better tailored to the existing BBC project delivery processes.

My role, design management and co-creating the research, synthesis and design of the strategic toolkits for BBC Radio 2 and 3. Thanks to Tamsin, James, Olly, Ross, Aimee and Mike for their inspiring and thoughtful design practice.

BBC Radio Networks Digital Services Strategy Workshop
BBC Radio Networks Digital Services Strategy Workshop

"Service Design is a novel discipline to most, and youíve continuously done an excellent job in communicating the value it would bring to your colleagues (at all levels!). Indeed this goes right back to earlier this year when you showed the initiative, invited us in, and identified the potential value of service design and Engine to the BBC and the importance of clearer proposition development.

The fact that you then engaged an actual project team, played a key role in project set-up and delivery (research, synthesis and design Ė which is not easy!), constantly challenged (in a friendly way :) to ensure the project continued to move in the right direction and pulled key stakeholders together is even better.

Itís been great working with someone like you who is so engaged with doing a good job, able to deal with uncertainty, and apply clear user centred, design thinking to benefit a successful outcome."