Suzy Hogg : Interactive Art Director

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BBC at Reading + Leeds

Reading and Leeds is about BANDS.

Committed, insanely passionate music fans going mental to their favourite bands. The hundred person circle mosh pit churning in the centre of the crowd each year is a sight to behold. It's very friendly and inclusive, but also very intense.

BBC Reading and Leeds 2009 branding

The existing brand was outdated, I needed an aesthetic to suit the genre, the young audience and cool, seminal qualities of the event. Following a brief period of research, positioning, development and lots of stakeholder persuasion, the new brand I directed was subsequently used across the BBC, from stage sets to tv stings.

My role, creative direction and the design brief, commissioning and agency selection, art direction of the digital offer across web and mobile, art directing the brand development, design co-ordination with TV and marketing. Thanks again to James, Noel and Jon for being completely brilliant.

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